press reactions Rhythm is our Business

“Determeyer’s reconstruction of the story is not just musicologically astute, but unswervingly true to the nature of a man who confounds many of the damning stereotypes of the jazz life.” (Jazz Review)
“He sketches captivating images of the social and musical climate in the mid-30s and 40s, of the mutual influence and competition between the various big bands and of the orchestra’s internal dynamics, which due to all kinds of personnel changes evolved subtly and continuously.” (Jazzmozaïek)
“Rhythm is our Business is a well researched, finely written book. Readers interested in jazz history will certainly want to add this volume to their collections.” (
“A book that’s indispensable for every big band fan. It’s definitely worth its money.” (Doctor Jazz Magazine)
“Determeyer not only fills up an embarrassing gap in jazz history, but also uncovers some under-exposed aspects of the big bands’ working methods. This is an indispensable book for everyone who’s interested in the swing era.” (Jazzbulletin)
“Determeyer sketches a colourful image of the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra, basing himself on eyewitness reports, and with an eye for detail.” (de Volkskrant)
“Rhythm is our Business offers a definitive look at the music and professional career of Jimmie Lunceford and his band.” (
“Rather than a simple biography, the present work offers a remarkably complete view on the world of this unique man, amassing a wealth of eye-witness reports, anecdotes, and opinions.” (Bulletin du Hot Club de France)
“Shame on us; it has taken a Dutch jazz critic, Eddy Determeyer, to write the book someone in the U.S. should have written long ago. He has made a splendid job of it.” (The Mississippi Rag)
“This book is an elegant demonstration of how one, by rearranging and bringing together all sorts of historical facts and events, supplemented by new facts culled from interviews and statements, can tell an improved and more precise story. In doing so Eddy Determeyer has deepened a chapter of jazz history.” (Leeuwarder Courant)
“An exhaustive biography about one of the most important bandleaders of the swing era at last. One would hope that this remarkable book will lend Jimmie Lunceford and his music a new audience.” (

“In fact, this book is much more than a jazz book. It is a study in American sociology from the end of the Civil War through the black American rise in society thanks to better education, health and a gradual acceptance as a people.” (
“This is an important new work that gives us not only our first really thorough biography of Jimmie Lunceford. It is also a fresh and different look at the times, and two leaders [Lunceford and Glenn Miller] who we may now know to have had something more than a passing, distant relationship.” (
“A book on the Lunceford band has long been overdue. Dutch author Eddy Determeyer has spent countless hours assembling the information in this band history, including many interviews with former sidemen and those who heard the band in person.” (Just Jazz)
“This book is valuable, especially for the comments from surviving band members like arranger Gerald Wilson and for the thorough discography. Recommended for larger jazz collections and Lunceford fans.” (Library Journal)
“Terrific.” (The Wall Street Journal)

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