about Eddy Determeyer

Eddy Determeyer (Bois-le-Duc, The Netherlands, June 13, 1942) during 1964-76 promoted jazz concerts in Delft, Arnhem and Groningen. Since 1972 he publishes articles about jazz, improv music, rhythm and blues and related styles. He wrote thousands of articles for Dutch newspapers, magazines, and blogs. He is currently active for, among others, www.jazzismmagazine.nl, www.DoctorJazz.nl, and www.draaiomjeoren.nl.
Juke Box Gems’ Platter Rattler noted about Determeyer’s monthly radio show “Holiday for Hipsters,” (www.concertzender.nl), featuring selections of 1930s, 40s, and 50s jazz, blues and Latin music, “Never, but never less than four stars.” Click here for the historic June, 2002 broadcast of this program.
Together with pianist Nanne van der Werff he developed “The Gottschalk Prophecies,” a program devoted to the American composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk and his pioneering work regarding Latin music and (proto) jazz.
Bass & Poetry is a project about the poets who used jazz as a source of inspiration, from Langston Hughes to Hans Vlek. Bass player Bert van Erk is his partner in this program.
Together with “Swingmaster Sem” van Gelder he occasionally fights their “Battles of the 78s,” throwing jazz and rhythm and blues 78s at each other and the audience.
A major part of the year 2013 will be spent mapping and unlocking the hundreds of jazz videos he produced during the 1970s and 1980s for Wichers Audiovisuals, both in Groningen and at various editions of the North Sea Jazz Festival. Click here for a sample, bass duo Slam Stewart and Major Holley at the 1983 NSJF.
Determeyer’s book “Rhythm is our Business: Jimmie Lunceford and the Harlem Express” (The University of Michigan Press, 2006), due to its thorough research was acclaimed by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections and Memphis radio station W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Click here for some of the press reactions.
His new book “Big Easy big bands: Dawn and rise of the jazz orchestra” puts the history of New Orleans jazz in a new perspective. 

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